About Challenges

Who can join for the Challenge?

We welcome private entities (including any start-ups), municipality, university, and research institute to join our challenges.

How many applicants may pass the selection?

We are planning for approximately 10 companies to pass the selection.

How are teams informed for the result of selection?

You will be informed via email after the submission deadline.

What happens during the Co-creation period?

During the Co-Creation period, the Co-Creator (Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and ICMG) will focus on the validation of the unique customer needs that will be addressed by the solution you proposed. Together as a team you will also validate the product-market fit of the solution through small tests.

Who and how will I be paired up with Co-Creators in the Co-Creation Phase?

Based on the idea and proposal, Co-Organizer will allocate a suitable Co-Creators for further acceleration of the idea development together with you.

During the Co-Creation phase, what do I need to submit?

There may be interim updates to be shared with your Co-Creators to monitor progress, but there is no fixed template/output required from you.

Who are the judges at the presentation at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.?

The judges are the management from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and ICMG.

What happens after the presentation at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.?

After the presentation at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Co-Organizer will judge internally. The Next steps will be decided after based on the circumstances of each proposal. The output is aimed to have formal partnership for co-creation by contracting a MoU with the partner.

About Participations

Is the application on a first-come, first-served basis?

No. We will accept all ideas and suggestions you have submitted within the period.

Is there an upper limitation to the number of applications?

There is no limit to the total number of applications for the program. The selection will be based on each idea and proposal received.

I am a student team. Does my teammate have to be from the same major, university, country, or region?

No. There are no requirements about the background of your team.

How many members are allowed in one team for Challenges?

There are no limitation of the number of participants. You may apply from one personnel.

Can I submit multiple ideas for one challenge?

Yes. You may submit multiple ideas for one challenge. In that case, please fill in the application form for each idea.

Can I apply my solution for more than one challenge?

Yes. You may apply your idea to more than one challenge. In that case, please fill in the application form for each challenge.


Who can I contact for other queries?

You may contact any ICMG team member at this email: icm_contact@icmg.co.jp